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About the Mosaic heART Project

Amy Salerno


Amy Salerno, founder of The heART Project is an artist and educator committed to teaching communities how to create mosaic murals using recycled tile, mirror and found objects. Holding a Masters in Art Education from the School of Visual Arts, she works to create inclusive art making experiences in which people experience joy and fulfillment in their daily lives.  Through her mosaic studies in Venice at the Orsoni Tile Factory in 2016 and her work with Philadelphia Mosaic Muralist Isaiah Zagar, creator of the Magic Gardens she was inspired to bring community murals to those in need of hope. She resides in Pawling, NY and teaches Visual Art in The Bedford School District in New York. Through her Public Art course at Fox Lane High School she brings together students, faculty, staff and community members in the creation of meaningful public artworks, transforming institutional spaces.



The heART Project was founded in 2018 to bring people together through the planning and creation of wildly colorful, large, mosaic murals using donated and hand-crafted painted tile, mirror and found objects embedded into vibrantly grouted backgrounds.  The murals aim to inspire joy and wonder to public spaces and the people who embody them. The creative process is valued as equally as the finished product which becomes an artifact of the people, conversations, friendship and stories that were formed during creation. There is a place for every piece and everyone. 

Mosaic Process


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