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Open Your Eyes Mural

Fox Lane High School Mount Kisco, NY  

June  2019

Creating the Mural: A Story in Pictures


Students in my Public Art class conceived of the idea by considering how we can appreciate life and others more deeply if we look up from our cell phones  and engage with our world and the people in it. The mural spans 30 x 5 feet in the D Wing Hallway of Fox Lane High School. Students learned the Zagar method created by the iconic Philadelphia Mosaic Muralist Isaiah Zagar, known for using found materials and colorful grout to create inclusive murals. Engaging the school community in the creation of the mural was a highlight of the experience. Students shared pieces of tile and mirror with faculty and students to add to the mural and photographed the eyes of our school to be photo transferred onto the tiles of the mural.The goal of this work and all of my murals is to encourage and cultivate a community of inclusivity. 

Bedford Central School District
Mount Kisco, NY
Devereaux Tile & Bath,
Bedford Hills, NY
O&G Industries,
Danbury, CT 
Sherwin Williams,
Mount Kisco, NY
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