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Labor of Love

Color Cast Ecotoner

I got on the phone this morning in search of the beautiful pigments Isaiah uses to create technicolor grout in his mosaics. I knew the product, but I didn't know who carried it, or how much it cost. I am not a phone person, running from the phone when it rang as a child, not wanting to answer it, only succumbing to getting a cell phone at the age of thirty... So, I contacted Sherwin Williams Paint Store in Mount Kisco, NY and had the pleasure of speaking with German about our project. He warmly received my call, and my questions and is reaching out to his boss to see how they can support our mural! What an amazing response to my inquiry. Encouraged by this positive start I looked up tile shops and mirror shops and reached out, knowing we probably needed more tile for our 30 x 5 foot mural. And one after the next the voices on the other end of the line received me with enthusiasm and support. What an amazing community! How I am loving this process of being in touch with folks, and receiving the unwanted tiles, broken dishes, picture frames, and mirrors showing up at all times and places.

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