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Dorothy Day Mural of Hope

This past winter was a cold one. I realized coats hung in my closet that I wasn't wearing. I had blankets I wasn't using, and someone else could use them. I learned about the Dorothy Day Hospitality House in the church bulletin at St.Elizabeth Seton, and looked into it further. I visited at meal time and found a line of folks out the door. My life has been sheltered lately and I needed to be doing more outside of my limited orb.

At the time I was working on the Creativity Takes Courage mural at school and felt inspired to get the wheels turning to create a mural in my community in Danbury. In the Spring I sent an email to the Dorothy Day Hospitality House. I heard back from Scott one of the board members and we started the process.

I love the everything about creating a community mural. Finding the inspiration, the site, the people and the materials. Along the way there are so many conversations that feed my soul. Creating community murals has been a beautiful way for me to connect with other people through art. It's also a fascinating combination of organization and planning, and then letting everything go, and being open to the possibilities that will organically arise in the experience. Enjoy the process. That's what I have been doing. And the people who I am meeting along the way, who are drawn to the project give me hope. I love being able to share pictures and call Isaiah with questions and reflections. How amazingly fortunate I am to have him in my life as a mentor and friend.

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