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In Color

It's Sunday night, and I am processing the phenomenal celebration of the Creativity Takes Courage ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday. I couldn't have dreamed of anything more enchanting, from percussionist Joanna Delgado playing the Mexican Mural song on her xylophone, to the students, faculty, staff and community members who helped celebrate this wonderful community effort to bring joy, inspiration and color to the walls of the high school. And there are the quiet moments that I like even more. The following day, our largest benefactor came to see the mural. He could not attend the ceremony because he was working. In this calm moment, I felt joy and gratitude for his willingness to bring to life a project he knew nothing about, from a person he had never met. All in trust that it would be good for the kids. Thank you German Lucero, from Sherwin Williams for investing and believing in your community.

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